Once upon a time America lived under the threat of international Communism.

Evil men used that threat to strip their fellow citizens of their constitutionally protected rights.

Today we live under a new threat… and there are new evil men.

Sixty years ago Democratic Party Senator John McClellan schooled his colleagues about due process and the rule of law. The venue was the McCarthy hearings.


Senator Steve Sweeney has obviously forgotten the lesson.

As Senate President, Sweeney pushed through legislation that strips people of their civil rights simply because they have been placed on a government “watch list”.

Senator Sweeney says that these citizens are not entitled to their rights and, like the evil men of yesteryear, Sweeney uses an external “threat” as his trumps-all reason. Instead of international Communism, Sweeney brandishes international “terrorism”.

The media shouldn’t let Senator Sweeney get away with it. They should remember the words of Edward R. Murrow spoken over a national CBS television broadcast on March 9, 1954:

“We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law. We will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine, and remember that we are not descended from fearful men — not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate and to defend causes that were, for the moment, unpopular.”

And just who makes it onto Senator Sweeney’s list of those undeserving of civil rights?

Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela was on Sweeney’s list – courtesy of an evil apartheid regime – and he remained so until public pressure forced our government to take him off the list. Civil rights campaigner Congressman John Lewis was on Sweeney’s list too, a carry-over from the FBI’s list of “subversives”. All kinds of innocent men, women, and little children are on Sweeney’s list.

Now Senator Sweeney is engaged in a smear campaign against those who stand up for the rights of their fellow Americans. In language borrowed from Senator McCarthy, Sweeney calls them extremists.

It was not long ago that Senator Sweeney co-chaired the state’s gun caucus, but as with same-sex marriage, Sweeney flipped his position to appeal to those who write the checks to fund his party’s campaign accounts. Big out of state interests with fat checks have trumped the average men and women who voted for Senator Sweeney.

Senator Sweeney is a sell-out. That is common with venial politicians. But Sweeney went too far when he stripped innocent people of their civil rights.

As Senator McClellan said 60 years ago, “That is the evil of it.”


Casagrande Signs on as Sponsor to Handlin Privacy Bill Package

From the Assembly Republican Press Office:

Casagrande Signs on as Sponsor to Handlin Privacy Bill Package

Saying that the issue of protecting the right to privacy and unjustified government intrusion are a great public concern, Assembly Republican Policy Co-Chair Caroline Casagrande is signing on as a sponsor to the package of privacy-related bills introduced by Deputy Assembly Republican Leader Amy Handlin.

In the summer, Handlin authored six bills addressing various aspects of privacy and government’s interference with that right and recently introduced two additional bills on the same topics.

“Whether releasing surveillance photos by video recorder, scanning license plates or releasing personal financial information, limits need to be put in place that address the troubling pattern of government overstepping its bounds,” said Casagrande, R-Monmouth. “A person shouldn’t need to be looking over their shoulder wondering if they’re actions are being scrutinized by government. Some of the shadowing techniques being employed and information being obtained are things we thought only happened on television or in the movies. There needs to be justification for using these Big Brother practices and how long the information they retrieve can be retained.”

Handlin initially introduced the six bills and two resolutions on June 27 that address areas of a person’s right to privacy as well as freedom of the press, and on Monday (Sept. 9) added two bills (A-4328 and A-4398) concerning accessing data contained on the computer system of a motor vehicle as well as information obtained when license plates are scanned.

“The public has no idea about how they are being watched, which I believe is another example of the government overstepping its bounds without justification,” said Handlin, R-Monmouth. “If there is a legitimate reason to use some of these surveillance techniques, then let a court approve it. We shouldn’t be comfortable with the notion that if you don’t have something to hide, then don’t worry. We depend on law enforcement to apprehend criminals and prevent crime, but probable cause needs to be demonstrated in order to use some of these methods.”

The following is a synopsis of Handlin’s legislation that Casagrande is joining as a sponsor:

A-4305: prohibits the improper release of photographs or videos captured by security cameras or other recording devices operated by public entities.

A-4306: prohibits a governmental entity from obtaining a biometric identifier of an individual without that individual’s consent. The bill does not prohibit any law
enforcement agency from obtaining biometric identifiers of someone who has been placed under arrest. A “biometric identifier” is a retina or iris scan, fingerprint, voiceprint or DNA.

A-4307: a person who knowingly obtains or discloses personally identifiable health information, in violation of the federal health privacy rule, is guilty of a crime of the
third degree.

A-4308: this bill increases the penalties for the unlawful disclosure or use of taxpayer information by State tax officials. The purpose of this bill is to provide enhanced deterrence against violations of taxpayer confidentiality.

A-4309: requires a Superior Court judge to approve the installation of any video camera by a public entity.

A-4310: requires an administrative agency to include a privacy impact statement when adopting, amending, or repealing a rule.

A-4328: restricts access to recorded data imbedded in motor vehicle computer systems.*

A-4398: requires judicial approval prior to installation or use of automated license plate reader by law enforcement agency.*

ACR-200: proposes an amendment to the New Jersey Constitution stating that people have a right to privacy from government intrusion, unless the government follows the due process of law.

ACR-201: requests the President and Congress enact a federal shield law for journalists. A shield law would grant journalists notice and an opportunity to be heard in federal court in order to challenge a federal subpoena seeking phone records or other information identifying a source. Federal bills S.987 and H.R.1962, both titled the “Free Flow of Information Act of 2013,” were introduced in May 2013. The bills would establish the federal shield law.

* introduced on Sept. 9, 2013

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Fellow Conservatives:


Thousands of you made phone calls this week to encourage conservative lawmakers in the House to oppose the Republican leadership’s “trick rule” to fund Obamacare, and it worked.

Don't Fund ObamacareHouse Republican leaders do not have the votes to advance the bill so they have pulled it from the calendar and postponed the debate until next week.

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John Boehner - Mitch McConnellThe question now for Republican leaders in Washington is whether they will accept this reality and join us in the fight to defund Obamacare … OR … will they keep trying to find ways to trick us.

Will John Boehner and Mitch McConnell listen, or will they continue to work to fund a program that will destroy our country? Time will tell.

We hear that Republican leaders are now trying to cut a deal where Republicans would get a one-year delay of certain parts of Obamacare and give the Democrats more spending and a higher debt limit in exchange.

There are a couple BIG problems with this.

  1. The only way to delay Obamacare is to DEFUND it. If Obamacare is not defunded, the Obama Administration will still be able to use our tax dollars to implement portions of the law. The health exchange subsidies that are designed to make Americans dependent on Obamacare, for example, will go forward.
  2. Americans should NOT be forced to permanently pay for more spending and debt just to get a temporary delay in Obamacare. Congress already spends far too much. If Democrats want to also raise the debt limit, they should be forced to completely REPEAL Obamacare and pass a balanced budget.

We will keep you informed as things develop.


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VA GOV RACE: Let’s rally for Ken Cuccinelli to defeat liberal radical Terry McAuliffe.

528410101514296267886921174374119n201304228916vs8iau Ken Cuccinelli posted an update about Ken Cuccinelli

My opponent has said that he “never wants another coal plant built.” I will continue to fight for Virginia’s coal families. An attack on coal is an attack on working families. Please chip in now to help us spread this message!
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To make a contribution in support of conservative Ken Cuccinelli, follow this link:



A belated but heartfelt thank you to the handful of Republican legislators who stood up for the privacy rights of citizens exercising their Constitutionally protected freedom under the Bill of Rights.  The Assembly Republican Press Office takes up their story:


Legislation prohibiting the public release of the identities of firearms purchaser identification card holders and handgun purchaser permit holders was signed into law today by Gov. Christie. Prior to the bill signing, access to such personal information was prohibited by regulation, but could have been obtained under New Jersey’s Open Public Records Law (OPRA).

The bill, A-3788, sponsored by Assembly Republicans Ron Dancer, Anthony M. Bucco, Alison McHose and Jay Webber, prohibits such access as it codifies the regulation established by the state Attorney General.

“The new law has nothing to do with gun control, but with protecting law-abiding citizens and ensuring their safety,” said Dancer, R-Ocean, Burlington, Middlesex and Monmouth. “It is quite possible that citizens can be targeted by thieves, as could victims of domestic violence who possess a firearm to defend themselves. This law removes the legal ambiguity in the current regulation and respect that releasing such information must have a legitimate purpose.”

The bill also exempts personal identifying information submitted to obtain a license to hunt with a firearm from the Open Public Records Act.

“The bipartisan and overwhelming legislative support for this bill recognizes the value we place on personal and privileged information,” said Bucco, R-Morris and Somerset. “Law-abiding citizens, especially victims of domestic violence or abuse, will now be afforded the safeguards they deserve. They should not be exposed to the risk of further danger or harassment by their abusers. Protecting the public should always be our number one goal.”

“Citizens who have legally obtained a permit to own a gun
should have their right to privacy respected,” said McHose, R- Sussex, Warren
and Morris. “Releasing this kind of information without a legitimate purpose
has the real possibility of putting innocent, law-abiding people in harms way
and makes them vulnerable. Making this personal information accessible to
anyone besides those involved in law enforcement is an invitation to those with
a criminal intent.”

“Citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights deserve to be protected from harassment and snooping,” said Webber, R-Morris, Essex and Passaic. “Just because gun owners take affirmative steps to ensure their own safety and security doesn’t mean they give up their right to privacy. The new law protects that privacy, and I am proud to be one of its sponsors.”

The impetus for the bill occurred in the aftermath of December’s tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, when a Rockland County newspaper published a story that included a map listing the names and addresses of people who have pistol permits. The information was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. A week after the story ran, the Rockland County sheriff held a news conference to discuss how inmates were approaching law enforcement officers telling them they knew where they lived.



The Senate President gets some help from an influential friend.


The Senate President’s infamous quote.


The recall movement activated many average citizens.


RESULTS:  Two Senate Democrats bite the dust.


Tries to make it about guns on the day the Colorado Senate President goes down


Steve Sweeney’s personal feud with Tom Kean hit the rocks today.  Sweeney sent out an ill-timed hit piece on the Senate Republican Leader.  The Star Ledger takes up the story:”The Democratic State Committee recently sent a mailer to Kean’s (R-Union) district attacking him over his opposition to Senate President Stephen Sweeney’s (D-Gloucester) ‘centerpiece’ gun control bill (S2723) to overhaul how the state issues firearm ID permits.

‘Tom Kean wants to keep it easier to buy guns than to buy cold medicine,’ the mailer reads.
Kean voted against the bill, which would have either encoded firearms purchase permits on driver’s licenses or a separate photo ID, expanded background checks for gun purchases and required buyers to have completed a safety training course.
The mailer was referring to the lack of a photo on New Jersey firearms purchase permits. Although the permits do not have a photo, prospective buyers need to show a photo ID to obtain them.
The flyer says Kean, whose father was a famously moderate Republican governor in the 1980s, is ‘too extreme.’
‘Send this tea party politician packing,’ it says.”

This represents yet another flip-flop by Sweeney, who used to run his campaigns claiming to be a Second Amendment champion.  Sweeney even served a co-chairman of the legislative gun caucus.  Now he favors taking away the rights of law abiding citizens to own a weapon for self-protection.  What changed?  We will get to that in a moment.
Meanwhile, out in Colorado, the Senate President there who is a Democrat like Sweeney was facing recall election along with another Democrat colleague in a safe Democrat seat.  The two had championed legislation along the lines of Sweeney’s.  They both lost yesterday.  Who funded the contest and to what extent tells us a lot about Senate President Sweeney’s sudden conversion from pro-Bill of Rights to anti.  The New York Times takes up the story:

“The recall elections ousted two Democratic state senators, John Morse and Angela Giron, and replaced them with Republicans. Both defeats were painful for Democrats – Mr. Morse’s because he had been Senate president, and Ms. Giron’s because she represented a heavily Democratic, working-class slice of southern Colorado.”
“For advocates on both sides, the stakes in Tuesday’s elections were far bigger than the fates of two state politicians. As money and national attention poured into Colorado, a state of hunters that has been stained by two mass shootings, the races became a symbol of the nation’s bitter fight over gun control, with one side bolstered by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York and the other by the National Rifle Association.
While both sides campaigned vigorously, knocking on doors, holding rallies and driving voters to the polls, gun-control advocates far outspent their opponents. A range of philanthropists, liberal political groups, unions and activists raised a total of $3 million to defend Mr. Morse and Ms. Giron. Mr. Bloomberg personally gave $350,000.”

Follow the money and it will always lead back to Steve Sweeney.  The Senate President is the lynchpin to what has been described as the “grease machine” run by South Jersey political boss George Norcross.  Even the left, like the teachers’ union, understands that Sweeney is corrupt and they called him out on it in a recent ad campaign:

Note:  It’s not unusual to find the NJEA going after a Republican Governor, but when they call out the corruption of fellow Democrats, that is an indication of how low-down Steve Sweeney really is.