About NJConservativeOnline

NJConservativeOnline has been created as a portal for conservative news and opinion, and to inform activists of upcoming action on legislation. Its focus is on the New Jersey Legislature, the Executive Branch, the Judiciary and the state’s 21 counties.

NJConservativeOnline is a collaborative effort. It is managed by two or more intern editors who volunteer their time for periods of between three to six months. To be considered for an editorial internship, please write to internships@NJconservativeOnline.com. Tell us about yourself, your political interests and any relevant professional experience you may have that you believe would be an asset that you can offer NJConservativeOnline.

NJConservativeOnline accepts submissions based on clarity and length. As the borders of what is “authoritarian” vs. “conservative” or  “libertarian” vs. “liberal” have blurred, we do not accept a hard and fast line regarding submissions. A column about NSA abuses of civil liberties written by a self-proclaimed “liberal” is as welcome as one about the abuses of Planned Parenthood by a traditional conservative. Expert insight, experienced opinion and a passion for the truth are among the ideas NJConservativeOnline invites you to submit.

If you’re organizing a meeting, rally or event that you think our visitors would like to know about, NJConservativeOnline will add it to our event listings.

To submit an opinion column, press release, event announcement or news item please write to submissions@NJConservativeOnline.com.


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